Counseling and Recovery

sad boyWhen a child discloses abuse or a medical investigation confirms abuse, the legal system must be involved to help ensure the safety of the child. Recovering from the emotional and psychological effects of the abuse, however, can be greatly assisted by professional therapy and counseling services.
Depending upon the child and the individual case, counseling may or may not be necessary. If counseling is needed, Shining Star can arrange and provide counseling services for the child and non-offending family members. A special room has been constructed at Shining Star to allow therapists and mental health counselors to provide their services in a child-friendly environment. The course and type of counseling a child may receive depends upon a number of factors, but common issues often explored include fear, guilt, sadness, anger, feelings of betrayal, and loss of trust.
Shining Star covers the cost of the therapy or counseling so there is no cost to the child’s family.