Medical Investigation

Depending upon the individual case, a forensic medical examination may be required. The purpose of the medical exam of suspected abuse is the same as it is for any pediatric patient: to assess the physical, mental and safety status of the child. Through the use of a thorough head-to-toe exam, physical evidence resulting from the alleged acts may be found, and detailed evaluations and photo documentation of pertinent areas are made.
Digital photo documentation collected during the exam ensures the preservations of evidence, helping to avoid additional examinations. If the alleged offense is recent and there is a probability of gathering physical evidence, the examination may be performed immediately and all evidence handled in a manner that protects it for further use in the investigation and prosecution.
examShining Star’s special medical room, like the rest of the facility, is child-friendly and nonthreatening. Examinations are performed by a physician who has been specially trained in the detection and treatment of child sexual and physical abuse.
There is no cost to the child’s family for the medical exam.